CUBOT MAX: 3D official review

Published on Aug 11, 2016
Featuring a larger, more advanced display, and significant leaps in capability and performance, Cubot MAX represents the biggest advancement in design and engineering since we introduced the brand Cubot.

large screen and large battery
6.0” screen, 4100mAh big battery capacity, this is enough.

large screen, it is a shock to watch movies or TV shows.
You will have a clear view of the subtitle, the handsome, the goddess, and you two can share together.

Large screen, you will be sure of success when playing games.
The vision is board and operation experience is precise when playing on a large screen phone.

Large screen, You can read novels and comic books quickly.
There will be more words in a page when reading novels and you don’t have to turn page frequently, in addition, the pictures of magazines and comic books will be very clear. Comfortable reading size is just omparable to professional e-book reader.

Large screen, work efficiency greatly increased
It is easy to view the statements, documents, PPT, and you don’t have to zoom in to see it clearly. You can correct the contents directly on the phone, which will greatly improve the efficiency.

Large screen, the route and road condition are both clear
It is safe only the navigation can be seen clearly when driving, and easy to input the address when necessary.

6.0” large screen, gold size
Slim and metal body, the front glass is 2.5D, and 8.95 thin, weight is 203g. The decent feel of the large screen is self-evident. The 2.5D front glass and metal body make the decent feel further.

Large screen needs to pair with large battery 4100mAh long battery life
Equipped with 4100mAh large capacity battery, the battery endurance is amazing. General phones can last 7-10 hours when play videos, but Cubot Max can last more than 11 hours in actual test, no problem to play TV series for more than ten episodes.

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